They are not welcome, A report on the Uyghurs crisis in Egypt

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In early July, Egyptian security forces arrested dozens of Uyghur individuals inside Egypt, most of them Azhar students. Initial estimates published by some media channels indicate that 70 of the Uyghur were arrested from Nasr City and 20 were arrested at Borg El Arab airport in Alexandria.

The security campaign against the Uyghur began on July 3, 2017, by raiding a restaurant owned by a member of the Uyghur sect in the seventh district of Nasr City. According to the testimonies obtained by the two institutions, the number of Uyghur arrested since the beginning of July is between 90 and 120 individuals. Most of the arrests took place in the seventh district of Nasr City from restaurants, shops and houses (at least 70 people), in addition to a number arrested at the airports of Burj Al Arab, Hurghada, Cairo and the sea port of Nuweiba or from the roads leading to those ports.

There were reports that 12 Uyghurs had been deported to China, but we could not confirm this information. Eight Uyghurs whose testimonies we had taken denied knowledge of any news of deportations.



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