From the unknown to the unknown

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The Stop Enforced Disappearance Campaign released today its semi-annual report, which documented 179 cases of people who had been subjected to enforced disappearance between September 1, 2018 & February 28, 2019.
The report attempts to present the practice of Egyptian state institutions – headed by the security services – for the crime of enforced disappearance in the face of its perpetual denial of the violation.

Despite the continuing demands of the Egyptian government with the need to stop the use of enforced disappearance, which results to the prevention of legal protection for disappeared persons and increased rates of torture and ill-treatment, however, security practices clearly indicate the intention of the security services to continue to use enforced disappearance.
The continuation of the security crackdown against human rights defenders and those involved in investigations into cases of enforced disappearance refers to a repressive approach by State institutions against human rights organizations working to document human rights violations and those involved in investigations into enforced disappearances.

The “Stop Enforced Disappearance” campaign team documented 179 cases of enforced disappearance during the past six months.
And during continuous follow-up with the victims and their families while providing media and legal support, the Group documented 88 cases of victims, while 91 remained under enforced disappearance.



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